Article written The Magic of Chestnut Harvesting in Alto Lario
Andrea Quadroni

The Magic of Chestnut Harvesting in Alto Lario

The Magic of Chestnut Harvesting in Alto Lario

Chestnut harvesting is much more than just an autumn activity, it is a moment of sharing where families and friends come together to spend time together in the open air.

Domaso and the surrounding areas offer a wide range of ideal places for chestnut harvesting. The chestnut forests are among the main attractions, with well-marked paths that allow you to immerse yourself in the trees and collect chestnuts that have fallen to the ground. Some recommended locations include Monte Legnone and Monte Berlinghera, which offer breathtaking panoramic views as well as rich chestnut reserves.


Once harvesting is complete, chestnuts can be used to prepare a variety of delicious autumn recipes. From roasted chestnuts and chestnuts to various soups and purees, there are many culinary options to explore to fully enjoy this autumnal fruit.


With the right precautions and a lot of respect for the surrounding environment, it is possible to share precious moments of discovery and sharing!

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