Things to do in winter on Lake Como

Things to do in winter on Lake Como

Lake Como, with its azure waters and majestic surrounding mountains, is one of the most fascinating natural gems in Europe. In addition to breathtaking views, this region offers a wide range of activities to suit every visitor's tastes, in every season... even in winter.

Here are some!

Go-Kart ride

For adrenaline lovers, Lake Como offers the opportunity to experience the thrill of a go-kart ride. For example, the circuit located in nearby Colico is perfect for whizzing around at full speed and competing with friends, and is suitable for adults and children.



During the winter months, outdoor ice skating rinks, such as those in Como and Chiavenna, transform into a magical kingdom of fun in the snow. A joy for young people and adults!



When snow covers the surrounding mountains, snowshoeing becomes a fantastic adventure. Taking snowshoes and discovering the uncontaminated beauty of winter nature is truly priceless!


Bike ride (or walk) along the lakefront

Spring and summer bring a mild climate ideal for exploring the region by bicycle, but winter gives the lake a fairy-tale and mysterious atmosphere that is at the same time absolutely worth experiencing.


Horseback riding

Even in winter, horseback riding retains its charm.


Visit to the Lariana Boat Museum

Lake Como is famous for its naval tradition. The Lariana Boat Museum in Pianello del Lario offers a fascinating insight into the history of local boats.



Even in such a picturesque destination, a movie night can be a pleasant choice, don't you think?

With so many activities to do, Lake Como is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to combine the beauty of nature with entertainment. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventures or relaxation, this slice of paradise offers something special for everyone, in every season.

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