The Vin Brulé of Lake Como: taste and conviviality

The Vin Brulé of Lake Como: taste and conviviality

On the cold winter evenings of Lake Como, there is a tradition that warms the hearts and bodies of locals and visitors: Vin Brulé, a hot, spicy drink that embodies the essence of the season.

History and Roots

Vin Brûlé, also known as "Vin Brulè" or "Vin Brulato," has ancient roots that are lost in the history of the Lombard Alps. This drink was originally prepared as a solution to warm shepherds and travelers who faced the harsh temperatures of the mountains. Over the centuries, it has become an irreplaceable element of winter holidays - especially during the Christmas period - and family gatherings.

The Key Ingredients

The mulled wine recipe is surprisingly simple but full of flavor. Key ingredients include:


  • Red wine

Local red wine is the basis of this drink. The choice of wine is important, as it will greatly influence the final flavor.


  • Spices

Cinnamon, cloves, star anise and orange peel are essential to give Mulled Wine its characteristic spicy flavour.


  • Sugar

Sugar adds sweetness and balances the spices.


  • Fruit

Some prefer to enrich the Vin Mrûlé with slices of apple or orange for a fruity touch.


Vin mulled wine is an authentic expression of local culture and tradition, a drink that warms the body and soul, uniting people in a moment of warmth and joy during the cold season.


Absolutely worth tasting!

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