Article written Lake Como: the characteristics
Andrea Quadroni

Lake Como: the characteristics

Lake Como: the characteristics

We always tell a lot of thinhgs about our Lake Como, but we rarely read specific and detailed information about its morphological characteristics, so we are going to do it now!

Lake Como: the identity card!

  • Alias: "Lario"
  • It is a natural pre-Alpine lake in Italy
  • Wet the provinces of Como and Lecco
  • It consists of three "branches": the Como basin to the south-west, the Lecco basin to the south-east and the northern basin
  • It is located about 50 kilometers from Milan, 45 kilometers from Sondrio and 16 from Lugano (Switzerland)
  • It is the deepest lake in Italy
  • It hosts the highest mountain in the Orobie Alps, Mount Legnone
  • The well-known river Adda is the main tributary

All these characteristics allow Bel Lago to host tourists and VIPs from all over the world thanks to its not only morphological but also environmental qualities. The three areas offer different realities starting from the glamor of the long lake with the numerous villas, to go towards decidedly wilder areas and frequented by nature lovers and sportsmen, up to the most impressive peaks with their wonderful treks, and even more exhibitions and museums including castles and nineteenth-century palaces.

146 km² of surface to be discovered!

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