Città dei Balocchi 2023: Magic and Technology in the Enchanting Christmas of Cernobbio

Città dei Balocchi 2023: Magic and Technology in the Enchanting Christmas of Cernobbio

Cernobbio is once again transformed for the 30th edition of the City of Toys, a Christmas event that enchants both young and old. This year's special gift is "Tulle and the Lumberjack," an unpublished fairy tale by Anna Danielon and illustrated by Stefano Misesti. The book was published by Consorzio Como Turistica to support Abio Como, a volunteer association for children in hospitals.

What Can We Expect?

  • Virtual Advent Calendar: Lights, Colors, and Surprises in Piazza Risorgimento

Every day, from December 7th to 25th, a new virtual window opens, presenting enchanting animations on the façade of Hotel Miralago. Technology and tradition merge to create a magical experience for City of Toys visitors.

  • Light Project: Illuminations and Atmosphere at the Heart of Cernobbio's Christmas

The long lakefront in Cernobbio transforms into the heart of the "Light Project," featuring Christmas trees, decorated flower beds, and tree-lined avenues turned into luminous tunnels. From rainbows to luminous artworks, every detail is curated to provide unforgettable emotions. The village shines with light and splendor, with green decorations and hotel facades illuminated for the festivities.

  • Cernobbio Hosts the First Holographic Nativity Scene at the Church of Madonna delle Grazie

A groundbreaking addition is the Holographic Nativity Scene at the Church of Madonna delle Grazie, offering a surprising representation of the Nativity through modern technology. Developed in collaboration with the De Sidera association, it provides an emotional and magical experience of the religious tradition.

  • Santa Claus Express: A Virtual Flight to the North Pole

The Santa Claus Express returns with a new feature: a modern virtual flight to the North Pole. Onboard a festively decorated container from Bianchi Group, visitors, equipped with 3D goggles, will have an interactive experience, flying over Europe and the Arctic Circle. An unmissable attraction for the young and their parents.

  • Exploring the Christmas Sky with the Sormano Astronomical Observatory

The Sormano Astronomical Observatory takes Christmas into space. Through remote connections, specialists guide the public in discovering black holes, comets, and the Moon, offering a unique perspective on the universe.

  • Christmas Igloo: Musical "Mr. Green and the Secret of Filly" and Other Shows

Villa Bernasconi hosts the Christmas Igloo, a multifunctional space with shows, installations, and activities for both adults and children. The musical "Mr. Green and the Secret of Filly" raises awareness of sustainability themes, actively involving the audience.

  • Gastronomic Walk: Flavors from Around the World

The Christmas Market offers local and international excellences, with street food and artisanal products. An opportunity to meet producers and discover culinary traditions of the region.

  • City of Toys Passport: Exploration and Magic

With the City of Toys Passport, children explore Cernobbio, collecting stamps at various Christmas stops. Once completed, they receive a gift as a memento of this magical experience.

  • Culture and Art at Villa Bernasconi: Exhibitions, Meetings, and Creative Workshops

Villa Bernasconi offers a rich cultural program with exhibitions like "A Quiet Luxury" and "Plantalia," author meetings, creative workshops, and weekly surprises.

Cernobbio lights up with magic and technology, delivering an unforgettable Christmas to residents and visitors. The City of Toys continues to amaze, sharing joy and emotions in every corner of the city.

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