Article written When to visit Lake Como? Definitely in the spring!
Andrea Quadroni

When to visit Lake Como? Definitely in the spring!

When to visit Lake Como? Definitely in the spring!

When to visit Lake Como? Definitely in the spring!

The best season to visit Lake Como is spring, but in reality our beautiful lake offers unique emotions in every season.

The shy sun peeps out on the beaches already teeming with tourists, while a still sparkling breeze reminds us that the hibernation has recently ended and the colors of the many flowers everywhere, suggest that summer is just around the corner like a real one. own promise of love. In this season the grandparents are calm, the children do not suffer from the heat, the young people already practice water sports .. and it is a joy to spend the days walking.

It is the moment of life: the sun is hot and only a few sporadic thunderstorms keep moods at bay. The summer weather on Lake Como is always smiling. It is the season of the best fruits, evenings with bonfires and children playing noisily on the beach of our Piccolo Camping, while grandparents smile in the shade of our trees. Young people are thrilled between one activity and another and evenings in company are wasted.

The season of connoisseurs! The atmosphere is romantic and passionate, the colors change to shades of orange, the scents become more decisive and the climate on Lake Como is wise and enveloping. The walks lengthen and become easier for all "feet" and exploring the surrounding area becomes almost an irresistible and surprising treasure hunt.

Visiting Lake Como in winter is certainly an experience to do at least once in a lifetime: the landscape is totally transformed, even for those - like us - who live there all year round. The snow-capped peaks, the colder and shinier colors, give our Alto Lario an enchanted aspect. Also in this season it is nice to get lost among the thousand walks and the magic of Christmas, with all its small village festivals, give that homegrown touch that is absolutely hidden during the other seasons.

What if there is a better time to visit Lake Como? We really can't say anything but: all year round!

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