Article written What to see on Lake Como: little, precious, tips
Andrea Quadroni

What to see on Lake Como: little, precious, tips

What to see on Lake Como: little, precious, tips

On the beautiful Lake Como there are many things to see, that's why we will try to tell you a little at a time, starting with some small, but very precious things, which you absolutely shouldn't miss!

Below is a very quick - and very useful - list of things to see on Lake Como.

Things to see on Lake Como & Things to do on Lake Como:
- The black Swan
- Risotto with perch
- The sunset by the lake
- The balcony overlooking the lake from Vercana
- The fireworks of August
- The Varenna-Bellagio-Menaggio triad
- A ride in Lucia

But let's briefly see together this list of things to see on Lake Como!

The mysterious black swan has been around for some time in the Domaso areas; a fascinating and shy bird that sometimes shows itself in all its beauty. We even want to think that seeing it brings luck!

Among the many local delicacies, you absolutely cannot not eat the risotto with perch: a fish specialty of Lake Como. An elegant dish, with a refined taste, which brings with it distant memories.

The sunset by the lake is a must both in winter and in summer, moments in which the panorama is transformed thanks to the snow-capped peaks and the colors of the sky.

From the village of Vercana, reachable on foot by climbing towards the mountain behind Domaso, you can enjoy an incredibly wide and romantic view.

The fireworks organized during the 15th August period are a real open-air cinema: an hour of colors and sounds in the middle of the dark, which will surely leave an indelible imprint on your memories.

Don't miss the Varenna-Bellagio-Menaggio triad! Three villages of rare elegance a stone's throw from Domaso: unforgettable colors, smells, alleys and landscapes ... you will leave your heart behind!

... don't you want to take a romantic ride in Lucia? The typical boat of Lake Como on board which the beautiful Lucia Mondella fled from Pescarenico in [link] I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni.

We could go on forever, but we save ourselves for the articles to come! As you can see of things to see on Lake Como there are absolutely for all tastes and for any need. Every year we always have many requests for information from our customers that we always accompany with great pleasure to discover the most characteristic things of our fantastic area.

Do not miss the next articles to stay updated on the "Small Camping life"!

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