Article written Lake Como in autumn
Andrea Quadroni

Lake Como in autumn

Lake Como in autumn

The fall season is magical! Many people think that in reality there is nothing beautiful to see or do on the shores of Lake Como, but it is not like that at all...

What to do and see on Lake Como in autumn:

  1. Admire the “Fall Foliage”. Yes, autumn leaf fall is a spectacular time! On the lakeside and in the woods, the leaves take on an orange-yellow appearance and covering the path it seems to walk on a magical colored carpet.
  2. Chestnut harvest. This is the right season for a walk in the woods with family in tow, hunting for our delicious chestnuts. Jams, flour, various sweets and a thousand ways to cook chestnuts, will leave you with a dry mouth ... and with a peckish!
  3. Visit to the villas of greatest historical and cultural interest… without crowds! No endless lines, no scorching sun. Just so much beauty to admire and history to contemplate.
  4. Wine Tasting. This is the grape and wine season, in fact, there are numerous activities organized on the subject during this period. Tastings and tastings from all over the lake!
  5. Trekking. Autumn does not mean frost and snow! Indeed, these are the right moments to seize the opportunity to enjoy the last few days to tackle trekking safely. Before leaving, make sure you have everything you need to tackle the walk, consult the weather and ask the authorities for information about the status of the path you want to take. You will not be disappointed!

A magical Lake Como all year round!

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