All year round there are folk festivals held in the villages in the area each with their unique games, stalls and local specialities.
Especially during the summer months there are many oportunities to take part in guided tours which bring to life the art, history and culture of this fantastic area.




The area around Domaso at the northern area of Lake Como has a wealth of history and art to explore. Imagine visiting the beautiful 4 and 5 hundred-year-old baroque churches or the manor houses of this period or feasting your eyes on the 15th and the 16 th century fresco wall-paintings. There are many unspoiled valleys teeming with rare and wonderful fauna and flora which give you a very special feeling of being close to nature.


The region offers a great variety of culinary experiences with the Stazzona Festival in August and the Chiavenna Festival in September offering a variety of local speciality dishes and traditional home cooked foods from the “Veltlin” and “Lario”. It goes without saying that you should try some of the delicious Italian cuisine like “Polenta”, “Pizzocheri”, “Hirschfleisch” and “Pizza” together with the superb local red wine.



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